Who We Are


     Sean Lunny has enjoyed successful business ventures over the past 12 years. His first opportunity was a screen printing business that he started in Boulder, CO in 1998. He sold his business in 2005 to buy an investment property in Evergreen, CO. Sean then sold the property in 2006 and moved to Ithaca, NY to be closer to family. He started a small successful property management and construction business within Ithaca.
     Sean has been a vegetarian for twenty eight years and vegan for the past three. He acquired employment at ABC Cafe to meet like minded people in the community. Sean enjoyed the relaxed, community oriented feel of the cafe. He had the opportunity to witness both what the cafe and its customers needed most. Sean loved the ABC Cafe and what it had to offer. After the closing of the cafe he then decided to team up with  two other people who were equally dedicated to the idea of a open minded, community based, health conscious cafe and going beyond what was ABC Cafe.
     Sean currently eats seventy five percent raw and has done so for the past year. He found a demand or raw and vegan food in the Ithaca community.  His goal is to broaden the variety of options available for  both the vegan and raw consumer.
Sean's sister Claire Lunny will be supplying the cafe with some new choices such as raw: desserts, soups, wraps, entrees, and more. She is starting her own raw foods business in Ithaca. Clair attended a vegan cooking school in Boulder, CO.

Having worked in roles as varied as hostess, bartender and manager, Ananda Barreno knows the restaurant business. For the past 15 years she has been a team member of various restaurants, from local, family-owned establishments to corporate-owned and operated restaurants. Most recently, Ananda was manager and investor of the ABC Café, learning still more about the financial aspects of restaurant ownership and management.

Ananda has been a vegetarian for the past 16 years and mostly vegan diet for the past four. She is excited at the prospect of reinventing the ABC Café, while continuing to build upon the Café’s core values that she passionately shares: tasty, healthy dining based on sustainable, organic, and local foods.

Ananda looks forward to greeting you soon at the new Café, where diners will continue to find more of the healthy raw, vegan, and gluten-free options they have been enjoying for the Café’s 28 year history.

     Robert Delphous brings experience to the cafe after nearly 18 years in the restaurant and food service industry. His first experience in the a restaurant setting was at a local, family-owned diner in his hometown of northwest Ohio. From those humble beginnings, he has held many roles in both locally owned and nationally recognized service establishments.
      Upon arrival in Ithaca, Robert worked for over 5 years at Greenstar Cooperative, handling many aspects of daily operations, which created a great connection with the local community. After leaving Greenstar, he was employed for over 2 years at Starbucks Coffee Company, assisting in opening the 2 Company-owned Starbucks locations in Ithaca. During his time there, he continued to foster his local relationships, working as the community outreach partner overlooking donations and company involvement in Ithaca.
     After a few years, he was approached by a manager of the ABC Cafe, where he gladly embraced the local, community structure and straightforward approach the ABC had to offer. Robert quickly found his home at the cafe and worked daily to make it a better place for all to enjoy. A lover of music and of great food, he found himself in love with the opportunities available at ABC Cafe.
    In addition, Robert has worked and continues to work with many local community groups and organizations, including the Ithaca Festival, Musefest, The Ithaca Downtown Alliance and many others in a variety of roles and positions. He has always looked forward to challenges and opportunities in all endeavors, and is happy to share the passion and experience associated with the new Cafe.